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2018 Marathon Liquid Cooled Routers

26 HP Motor.

Low Hour Rental Returns.


The Marathon Pavement Crack Router offers a more production method of routing random cracks in asphalt or concrete. 

The balanced weight distribution, in-line wheels and cutter head plus extended handle, effectively reduce operator fatigue and allows for smoother, more accurate maneuverability.

  • Best balanced router design on the market.
  • Sturdy all welded chassis manufactured from 1/4" thick steel plate reduces vibration and operator fatigue.
  • Powerful and reliable KOHLER V-twin engines.
  • Three-stage air filtration system for optimum performance and maximum engine protection.
  • Convenient electric start, 12 volt battery and charging system.
  • Corrosion proof, durable polypropylene fuel tank.
  • Triple banded V belt coupled to optimum sized pulleys provide the perfect router head speed to maximize productivity while extending cutter life.
  • Premium wheel assemblies are provided with tapered roller bearings on 1 1/4" axles for greater durability and ease of operation.
  • 12" diameter cutter head fabricated from 1" steel plate.
  • Routing is performed by six of our patented carbide tipped router blades strategically positioned on the router head.
  • Routing widths up to 2".
  • Easy access to the router head allows for quick blade changes.
  • Handlebar mounted, fingertip operated, linear actuator switch adjusts the cutting depth to a maximum of 1 3/4".
  • Indicator plate is provided for cutting depth guidance.
  • Engine safety kill switch is conveniently located on the handle control panel.
  • Adjustable handles provide a comfortable working position for a variety of different operator heights.
  • Large 16" diameter treaded tires provide low rolling resistance and excellent machine control.
  • Safety chain guards and rubber flaps provide protection from flying debris.
  • Safe loading and unloading is accomplished with the balanced lifting eye.
  • Standard paint color is orange.
  • Liquid Cooled.

KERA 250 Gallon Low

Hour Oil Jacketed Melting Kettles

Kera2.jpgDesigned for high production crack filling, this diesel powered pump kettle features the patented heated hose delivery system. This innovative design eliminates hose clogs and the need for hose clean out. Quality built and designed for performance these units also feature a low, anti-splash, reverse loading door.

Features & Benefits

Heated Hose System

  • Sealant delivered by a hydraulically driven 2" helical gear pump.
  • 23 ft. heated hose and wand assembly.
  • Durable heated hose constructed of aircraft grade stainless steel lined with Teflon.
  • Oil heated hose system provides fast heating.
  • Hose support system minimizes operator fatigue, prolongs hose life and promotes safe kettle operation.
  • Material is dispensed on demand with a trigger controlled applicator wand.
  • Sealant pressure and flow is controlled by a variable bypass control system.

Power & Heating

  • Power is provided by a rugged, low maintenance, 26 hp Kohler diesel engine with high temperature and low oil pressure safeties.
  • A 12 volt continuous ignition diesel burner provides quick heating times and features a remote mounted primary controller.
  • A standard 110 volt, 1500 watt electric overnight heater maintains heat to reduce daily startup time.
  • A reliable, easy to use Automatic Temperature Controller is conveniently mounted curbside to provide safe, accurate temperature control with built in out-fire protection.


  • Precise agitation control is achieved with hydraulically drive, reversible agitator.
  • The reciprocating agitator is designed with safety in mind and will not jam with solid material.
  • The floating agitator gently scrapes the walls of the vat to reduce coking on the vat walls and to minimize material heat up time.


  • All welded construction using heavy steel panels that exceed the thickness used in competitive equipment.
  • The oil jacketed material vat heats up quickly due to its large surface area.
  • Increased corrosion resistance with epoxy primer and standard blue paint finish.

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Brand New Never Been Used 2002 25 HP Cimline EDS Asphalt Saw

EDSRight.jpg EDSFront.jpg EDSHandle.jpg EDSKohler.jpg

  • Adjustable Hieght
  • 25 HP Kohler Motor
  • Comes with 18" Blade Guard
  • $3995.00

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Cimline 230 DH M2 Low Hour Kettles

Cimline 230 KettleOur most popular model, the 230 can handle most road maintenance projects.

The MAGMA M-2 230DH is the workhorse of the industry. With 230 Gallons, dual loading doors and tandem axles, the 230 MAGMA M-2 gets the job done.

  • Simple Seal Controler- Simple-Seal is the next generation of digital control providing the easist operation yet. Simply set the mode switch to “RUN”. When the (3) Green LED’s come on, start working. At the end of the day set mode switch to “CLEAN OUT” run for 2 minutes and set mode switch to “OFF”. The control box never needs to be opened for normal operation.
  • Digital Flow Control- Provides smooth, even material flow no matter what volume or sealing tip is required.
  • Auger/Agitator- Ensures even mixing and eliminates temperature stratification in the tank. Unobstructed internal machine recirculation ensures super fast heat up and recovery times.
  • Easy-To-Read Gauges- Standard on all MAGMA GEN IV models are the newly redesigned 33 gallon diesel and hydraulic tanks. Each tank is equipped with easy-to-read fuel and hydraulic temp/level gauges for ease of use and maintenance.
  • New "No-Drip" Ergonomic Wand- The robust aluminum design makes crack sealing an easier process. A special ball valve is located at the tip to virtually eliminate dripping between cracks.

2016 Marathon Mastic Mixer 250 Gallon

Marathon Mastic Mixer 250 Gallon

These oil jacketed, Mastic Mixers are designed to heat and mix Mastic Materials. The Hydraulic agitation assembly is capable of gently lifting the material from the bottom of the reservoir and turning the material over and over while suspending aggregate filled materials with a specific gravity as high as 3.0. Shown with optional equipment.

Power & Heating

  • Low Hours
  • Automatic temperature control on both diesel and propane fired units.
  • 2 self-ignighting burners with "out-fire" protection.
  • Easy to read, rear mounted material and oil thermometers.
  • Overnight heater(s) to reduce daily start up time.


  • The bi-directional, full sweep agitator is hydraulically powered and fitted with variable speed controller.
  • Agitation blades are positioned along a horizontal shaft ensuring top to bottom mixing action.
  • Elongated, oil jacketed material vat design provides large heating surface area.
  • Low center of gravity for safe towing, superior rear visibility and ease of operation.
  • Well insulated material vat and fire chamber provides optimum fuel economy.
  • Safely position exhaust stack with rain cover.
  • Reverse load, anti-splash loading door(s) equipped with agitation sensor to automatically halt agitation when lid is opened.
  • 6" diameter guillotine dispensing valve with heated delivery chute.
  • 200,000 BTU hand held propane torch.
  • 10 lb. fire extinguisher with bracket.
  • Propane fired tool heater.
  • All necessary stop and directional signals.
  • Increased corrosion resistance with epoxy primer and standard blue paint finish.