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Ray-Tech TMV, Total Maintenance Vehicles

48 sq. ft. completely stainless steel infrared pavement heating chamber with a 2, 3, 4, or 6 ton capacity asphalt reclaimers. 

Heavy duty electric wench for chamber lift operation.

These combos are ideal for any size jobsite from parking lots and driveways to streets and highways.





  • Battery system and backup charging system on deck.
  • Ray-Tech unique heating converters for fastes and most efficient heating.
  • Easy manual ignition with a customer supplied hand held torch.
  • Two 24V blower motors.
  • Reclaiming time - 16 hours.
  • Two hydraulically operateed top loading doors on reclaimer
  • Holding temp - 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Roller or compactor compartment on deck with heavy duty wench on swivel boom.
  • 12V to 24V power converter to charge batteries off trcuk when running.
  • Propane is supplied by 5 -100lb vapor draw gas cylinders.
  • Available Options would include:
  • Time Delay System
  • Hand Tool Storage Bin
  • 12V LED Work Lights
  • LED ARROW Stik Light Bar
  • Double Receiver Trailer Hitch
  • Water Tank
  • Aluminum Wind Guards
  • Extra Capacity Propane Tanks
  • Hydraulic Chamber Lift.
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Ray-Tech Walk Behind Heaters

The Ray-Tech Walk Behind Heaters are a perfect option for ease of maneuverability.

We offer a variety of walk behind heater including the Mini Tech Xtend, the Mini Fusion.

Ray-Tech Mini Tech


The Mini Tech comes with:

  • 42"L x 48'W heating Chamber mounted on a steel tubing frame with four wheels.
  • Single 115V blower motor. ***Requires the use of extension cord and generator for work during the day.***
  • Option to choose the "24V Operation" which does away with the generator by providing two batteries and a charging system.
  • Two 40 lb propane cylinders.
  • Two high-heat resistant rear wheels; one with a foot brake.
  • Hand held torch holder.
  • Easy lighting by turning on the blower motor and touching a torch to the converters.
  • Mini Tech Extend (42"L x 78"W)


    Mini Fusion Xtend (118"L x 15"W) also available.

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    Trailer Mounted Reclaimers

    Carry two, three or four tons of plant mix asphalt at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 48 hours

    Asphalt Reclaimer

    • Transport Hot material to jobsite without heat loss.
    • Air jacketed hoppers are easier tom aintain than oil.
    • Minimal maintenance required and easy to operate.
    • Cold material will be reclaimed in 12 hours.
    • Extend season by reclaiming stockpiled asphalt.

    Truck Mounted Reclaimers

    Keep your material hot and extend your season.


    • Keeps asphalt hot for 48 hours without damage.
    • Automatically controlled timers and thermostats.
    • Propane fired infrared burners located under hopper.
    • Catwalk on front of box with ladder and rail.

      Truck Mounted Reclaimers available in 2-15 ton capacities.

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    Trailer Mounted Heaters

    Multiple sizes and configurations to fit all your jobsite needs!

    Trailer Mounted Heater

    • Heats evenly without leaving cold spots.
    • UNMATCHED 6 to 8 minute full depth heats.
    • Built to last with quality components.
    • Completely stainless steel chambers.

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