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Innovative Pavement Maintenance Solutions


NUVO Sealants are the Next Generation of Crack Sealants.



  • Nuvo hot pour asphalt crack and concrete joint sealants have been formulated with superior performance and customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Polyskin® with InteliBond.
  • Superior crack penetration.
  • Quick setup times.
  • Wide application temperature ranges.
  • Fast melt times.

Nuvo is the Cadillac of crack sealants. Instead of focusing on standard specifications, Nuvo focuses on performance, longevity, and ease of use.



Check out the Crack Filing video below.

ElastoFLEX® is Maxwell Products original line of crack sealants. Designed to meet and in many cases exceed industry standard specifications.


The ElastoFLEX 400 Series was designed as a highway sealant. It is aimed at providing consistent performance in high traffic areas while also maintaining an affordable price.

The ElastoFLEX 600 Series was designed to excel in demanding applications such as parking lots where sealants are expected to set up quickly and resist tracking.

Many other ElastoFlex Classic products are also available.


GAP Mastics

GAP Mastics

Mastics are designed for situations where crack sealants are ineffective and paving is impractical. They have proven to be an effective part of the pavement maintenance process when used correctly.

GAP Brand Mastics combine the flexibility and adhesion of rubberized asphalt sealants with the strength and load bearing qualities of engineereed aggregates. The result provides a stable, flexible repair that bonds firmly with existing pavement to seal out water and prevent further damage for years to come.


Check out the GAP video below.